Pool Opening Services

summer pool opening

Coral Pool Supplies carries everything you need to reactivate your pool equipment and to re-balance your pool water for the swimming season.

To fully appreciate your pool, it is very important that you get started on the right foot. We can help you do that. In fact, that is our specialty. Questions about pool opening? Call David at 918-494-0393 ext 207

Pool products for a successful season:

Stain & Scale Prevention:

EasyCare: ScaleTec and Beautec help prevent stains and scale buildup. We also carry Natural Chemistry: Spring & Fall Magic, Metal-free.

Algae Prevention:

Get a head start on algae prevention with our Chlorine. Our chlorine products are American made and manufactured in Enid, Oklahoma.

Easy Care: Pooltec. We also carry the Natural Chemistry: Phosfree and Algae Break 90

In Ground Pool Opening Services:

Our Service Department uncovers in ground pools and reactivates equipment by appointments. Once the pool is reopened, we recommend that you bring in at least a pint of pool water for complete analysis after the water has circulated for at least 24 hours. Our staff is qualified to assist you with all of your questions and pool needs.

To make an appointment call Delana at 918-494-0393 ext 207

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